2018 World Arts Festival

2018 World Arts Festival

Thursday, June 15, 2017

What a treat!  Our 4th graders worked very hard for the opportunity to participate with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra along with 2000 other area 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at the Coronado Theater.  An extra surprise is that we were seated in the first eight rows of the theater--it was fantastic!!  Thank you to the Pecatonica Education Foundation for funding this trip for us.

On Memorial Day, (May 29, 2017) twenty-one 3rd graders participated in the community Memorial Day Program at Sumner Park.  It is always a meaningful tribute to those we have lost, whether veterans or Pecatonica residents.  The students sang "The Brave" and then joined Then and Now, Forever Friends for "We Honor You." Thank you, parents, for bringing them!!

Friday, May 26, 2017

May 25th was our last day of school and time to say goodbye to our 4th graders.  The 4th graders got to shine one more time at the Elementary School.  They sing "Cicade" (beautiful city), a song they learned for the Rockford Symphony Orchestra.

                  "Spirit of the Song" award winners and the "You Make Me Smile" winner

Kindergarten: What a Year!  was a big hit!!  The kindergartners performed to an audience of 450.  Their singing, dancing, and antics delighted the audience ;)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What a show!  Spotlight on the Stars 5 was fantastic!  Twenty-eight acts wowed the audience--so proud of everyone for their courage in performing alone in front of such a large group.

                                             Michelle Dermody showed her tumbling skills.

                                  Chloe Green and Maren Davis sang beautifully to "Lost Boy."

                                           Peyton Lalowski and Ariyah Rovinksi tumbling.

                                                   Trevor Buck plays "Spring" by Vivaldi.

                               Logan Connell had the audience rolling during "I'm Still Standing."

Seven Rasner, Elizabeth Whittington, and Zoey Stern 

                                        Nathan Munson makes solving a Rubik's cube easy.

                      Bri Carden, J'Niyah Williams, and Amani Boyd dance to "Juju on That Beat."

                                      Abby Mayer impressed the crowd with her hula hooping.

                         Roni Baer and Lauren Miller have a little fun with "Nicest Kids in Town."
                                            Zachary Carlson brings smiles with his jokes.

                                  Brianna Wadsworth played "Over the Rainbow" on the piano.

                                                    Summer Mashburn with "Try."

Morgan Sommerio sang with passion "Hallelujah".

The Coasters: Paisley Lalowski, Brynlee Windnagle, Ashlynn Heckman, 
Anya Hill, and Briana Dodd.

Delaney Handy on the piano.

                                    Michelle Dermody helps Brynn Dornink with a magic trick.

Anna Dulaney sings "Thy Word."

                                  Anna McLevige and Renee Brown are natural comedians.

                          Raeleen Bryant hula hoops to "We Are Never Getting Back Together."

                                               Brooklyn Connell sings "Set It All Free".

Hallee Kramer plays "My Favorite Things.

Mack Massingill shows off his guitar skills with some familiar tunes.

                     The Scroggins' duo entertained the crowd with yet another awesome magic trick.